To Kindle or not to Kindle: Tibbetts answers the question

Immediately after I sent a note to the books4children listserve asking for advice on whether buying a Kindle from amazon.com was a good idea, a post from author Peggy Tibbetts came back singing the praises of this little gadget.

In her blog, Kindle Spirits, Tibbetts addresses many of the questions I had about the Kindle. She also provides links to further information and suggests the two "must have" accessories: the Kindle travel case and the Mighty Bright Light.

One thing Tibbetts mentions also helped seal the deal for me: the fact that I can edit manuscripts in the Kindle! I'm now blaming Tibbetts for this last minute addition to my Christmas 2008 list. I had to wait until March'09 to get it, as it was on back order. The good thing is that amazon.com sent me the Kindle-2 without me having to pay extra for it so it was worth the wait.

Now that I have been using my Kindle for about amonth I can tell you this little gadget has won me over. I love using it, love how easy it is to put my own manuscripts in it. I can either email them to my kindle email and for $0.10 a manuscript, regardless of how small or big it is, amazon.com will put it in kindle-formatting and automatically send it to my kindle within seconds... literally! If I want to get this done free of charge then all I do is email my manuscript to my free.kindle email and amazon.com and I'll receive an email from them with my manuscript in kindle-format so all I have to do is upload it to my kindle.

I'll keep adding more things that I like about the Kindle as I continue to explore its abilities. I'll also post my wish list for things it's not presently doing. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from visitors who own a Kindle. Let me know what you think of them!