Fitness: Freak or Flake?: In defense of my First Lady (Subtitled: The only f...

Fitness is a word that our First Lady, Michelle Obama, embodies. In this blog entry, Fitness: Freak or Flake?: In defense of my First Lady (Subtitled: The only fat hypocrit here is YOU, Rush Limbaugh),Christine Gary debunks Rush's attacks on Mrs. Obama. One by one she addresses the various statements he's made regarding our First Lady's fitness. Ms. Gary does this with facts, listing one after another, and showing us how not only is Michelle Obama a beautiful and fit woman, she's also a good role model for women to follow.

I loved many of Ms. Gary's retorts to Rush's statements, with this one being one of my favs:
Rush's statement: "Our First Lady does not project the image....of a woman Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you."
Gary's reply: Personally, I'd rather project the image of a woman the most powerful man in America (our President) might date for the rest of his life."

Check out the blog entry and come back and share your thoughts with me. :-)