Write & Wrong: Kirstie Alley rocks!

Kirstie AlleyI watched the Lifetime original movie, "Write & Wrong" and loved it! It was funny yet thought-provoking, a wondrous representation of a writer's life and all it encompasses. There are great lines delivered by Byrdie Langdon (Kirstie Alley) throughout the movie such as when she's explaining to a young editor that older writers aren't dumb, "We don't get dumber as we get older." There are many such statements on what writing is all about, and Alley cleverly delivers them at just the right time and with just the right tone. Kirstie Alley is perfectly cast for this role, presenting both the vulnerable and strong side of a writer's personality. She brings to life the character of Byrdie Langdon, the writer she plays in the movie.

The movie contrasts good and not-so-good editors, with the character of Andrea playing the type of smart editor any writer would be lucky to work with. It is fun to listen as Andrea describes to Jason (Eric Christian) her favorite movies by giving log lines for each. We see the impact a good or bad acquisition can have on an editor's career and understand the truism that, "writing is an art but publishing is a business."

"Write & Wrong" takes many of the stereotypes we have about writing and publishing and goes beyond, into the very lives of writers and the editors and agents who acquire their manuscripts. It deals with the subject of ageism within the writing field in a comedic manner which does not take away from the seriousness of the subject as we get to see how it impacts the various characters' lives.

The message of this movie is that age does not matter when the writing is good and sells. "Write & Wrong" is more than a "feel good" movie. It empowers and encourages the viewer to reach for their highest potential, whatever their field of work, and regardless of how young or old they are. The movie is on again Monday, 6/4/07, on the Lifetime TV channel.

I'd love to hear from all those who watched this movie. Did you like it? Why or why not?