Write & Wrong: Kirstie Alley rocks!

Kirstie AlleyI watched the Lifetime original movie, "Write & Wrong" and loved it! It was funny yet thought-provoking, a wondrous representation of a writer's life and all it encompasses. There are great lines delivered by Byrdie Langdon (Kirstie Alley) throughout the movie such as when she's explaining to a young editor that older writers aren't dumb, "We don't get dumber as we get older." There are many such statements on what writing is all about, and Alley cleverly delivers them at just the right time and with just the right tone. Kirstie Alley is perfectly cast for this role, presenting both the vulnerable and strong side of a writer's personality. She brings to life the character of Byrdie Langdon, the writer she plays in the movie.

The movie contrasts good and not-so-good editors, with the character of Andrea playing the type of smart editor any writer would be lucky to work with. It is fun to listen as Andrea describes to Jason (Eric Christian) her favorite movies by giving log lines for each. We see the impact a good or bad acquisition can have on an editor's career and understand the truism that, "writing is an art but publishing is a business."

"Write & Wrong" takes many of the stereotypes we have about writing and publishing and goes beyond, into the very lives of writers and the editors and agents who acquire their manuscripts. It deals with the subject of ageism within the writing field in a comedic manner which does not take away from the seriousness of the subject as we get to see how it impacts the various characters' lives.

The message of this movie is that age does not matter when the writing is good and sells. "Write & Wrong" is more than a "feel good" movie. It empowers and encourages the viewer to reach for their highest potential, whatever their field of work, and regardless of how young or old they are. The movie is on again Monday, 6/4/07, on the Lifetime TV channel.

I'd love to hear from all those who watched this movie. Did you like it? Why or why not?


  1. Anonymous6/04/2007

    A well written review!

    The film seems interesting as well as funny.

    Do you know if it's on DVD yet, or is it too new?

  2. Hi Christine,

    It's a made-for-TV movie so I'm not sure it'll come out on DVD. Can you watch regular VHS movies from the USA? Or do you need them in the PAL system? I taped it so I could watch it again and again and can loan you my copy. If no one else asks for it you may keep it. If anyone else from overseas would like to watch it then maybe we can pass it around. I know that the Lifetime TV channel will show the movie again tomorrow (6/4/07) but don't know if it'll be available after that. It it comes out in DVD I would certainly buy it!

  3. Anonymous6/04/2007

    Hi again!

    Thanks for your offer to lend the film :).

    Unfortunately we only have a DVD-player anymore.
    No VHS :(.

  4. Anonymous6/04/2007

    The movie contained so many truths for writers, didn't it? Or, I should say, so many truths, period. My husband appreciated the storyline, also, as a man who entered a new (non-writing-related) professional field after the age of forty.

    Kirstie Alley graduated from a rival high school in my hometown one year before I did. I think she's great.

  5. Hi Kaitlyn,

    I agree w/you 1000%! I actually can't recall another movie where so many truths were woven throughout the entire duration of it. And you're soooooo right in saying they were universal-type of truths in that they applied to more than writers. That's also how I felt about it. I'm happy Alley was cast for the part. She came across totally believable as a writer and as a woman.

    I so wish Lifetime would make a DVD of this movie. Does anyone know if made-for-tv movies ever come out on DVD?

  6. Olgy-- I would love to watch it but I don't have cable! Heck, I only recently got DSL instead of dial-up. karen (PPWC)

  7. Karen! Fun to see a PPWC member here! I absolutely love both the conference and the folks that put it together year after year. They're just the best and I've written about them a couple of times at the CCF site.

    I taped the movie last night and can loan you a copy of the tape and you can return it afterwards. If you want to do this, send me your address via the CCF Contact Form and I'll loan the VHS tape to you.

    It really was a GREAT movie. I'm so happy Kirstie Alley played the main role in the movie. She was perfect, just perfect for it!

  8. Anonymous6/05/2007

    I just finished watching "Write and Wrong." That was a great movie. I liked Byrdie's motto: "Write what you know." That is a philosophy all writers should follow. I loved how she dealt with age discrimination and how she fixed the problems her solution caused. Very, very good movie.

    Andrea in Florida

  9. Anonymous6/05/2007

    Thanks, Olgy, for alerting us to the movie. I rarely look at Lifetime because of commercials but this was a treat. I'm a Kristie Alley fan anyway so that doubled my pleasure. I tho't casting was unusually well done.

    The LA scene is simply LA with all of its excesses and prejudices which highlight the underlying problem of age. For a while I thought we might not have a Hollywood ending, but I should have known better!

  10. To both Anonymous and Phyllis, I'm sooooooo glad you watched and enjoyed the movie. I've watched it a couple of times since it showed on TV. :-)

  11. Anonymous7/14/2012

    Great Movie - I love Kirstie Alley's movies since my childhood and now even more :-)
    Wonderful movie full of great characters, fun situations and a very good represented truth.

    Greetings :-)