Resurrection Sunday Dance, Budapest, Hungary

I realize not all is well within the Christian faith. It's composed of humans, after all, and humans are not perfect. In our zeal to be perfect, we oftentimes stray into the absurd. But for the moment, while watching this video, I celebrate what is right within my faith.

I cried with joy as I watched it. The music, lyrics, and people personify for me the hope Christianity offers the world. It also shows what I love most about my Christian faith, its hope-filled foundation. It poignantly reminds me that impossible things can happen when we do not lose hope. Only a few years back it would not have been possible for such a Christ-centered celebration to take place in Budapest's public square.

I see myself in the face of the woman and the two men that you see 1.28 minutes into the video. The words of the song that come up right then are those I would have been thinking had I been in their place, "Joy in this life time, utterly free..."

I believe that for the Hungarians in this video, as much as for me, the lyrics from the song are twice as meaningful. I know what it's like to live under an oppressive and totalitarian regime. As a child, I lived under communism in Cuba. Were I part of the group dancing and singing in this video I would know the meaning of the words I was singing applied to me both now on earth as well as later in heaven.

...The flag of a nation ready to fly, taking them higher
...The heart of a land that rises to fight, full of desire
...when nothing is as you want it to be, Look up to heaven
...Freedom was paid for on Calvary, the chain is broken
...Making a way right to destiny, borders are open
...Joy in this life time, utterly free

As I watch young and old celebrating together their physical and spiritual freedom, I rejoice with them. Their exhilaration comes across and touches my soul. I resonate with them and sing alongside. And long after the video ends, my heart keeps on singing, to the glory of God and the power of the human spirit which refuses to bow under oppression and, sooner or later, triumphs over it.

UPDATE: I received the following email from Tompage, Founder of uptofaith.com:
Dear Friends, Following the overwhelming success of our Resurrection Sunday Dance here in Budapest, we are happy to announce that our new Christian website, uptofaith.com, is now up and running. In addition to great music you will also find information about the launching of Up to Faith Dance 2011, our newest project with global ambitions. So, if you enjoyed the Resurrection Sunday Dance or had thoughts that you would have liked to have been involved as well, now's your chance! Check out http://www.uptofaith.com  and get ready for the adventure. And if you like it, please forward this email to your friends!

See you on UptoFaith.com!
Tompage, Founder of uptofaith.com

The uptofaith.com website is really cool! Under their "Media" link they've got both a gallery of photos AND videos! I loved watching the videos and, especially, the "Training Video," which just about made me feel I could do this. I liked how they filmed it showing various locations, which imply this glorious dance can be setup and carried out anytime, anywhere.

I just finished registering. Hopefully something will be setup for my city, or close enough that I can drive to it. Write back and let me know what you think of the uptofaith.com website and their mission. If you register, and end up participating, I'd love to hear back from you! :-)


  1. very nice [*999];)

  2. Anonymous6/01/2010

    Great video comrades!!!

  3. I put this video on my blog as well it is one of the greatest. I can hardly wait for thier site to get up Then I can get the song and the teaching tools so my daughter and I can learn this dance and then teach it to others. It has been a blessing for me. Thanks for helping to get this video out there.

  4. I find it really interesting that the last time I visited I watched a video about people dancing collectively in a train station. There's something very moving about so many people moving together.

  5. Thanks, 鐵馬蟑螂 and Anonymous for your comments.

    Holly: Come back and let me know when the website goes up!!! I'd like to put a link to them from my blog. :-)

    And I agree w/you Moe. There's something about seeing so many people together and smiling and dancing that touches our hearts. I always leave happy when I watch this clip or the The Sound of Music: The Joy of Life one, or even the Oprah one, I've Got a Feeling. They all make happy. I guess, deep down we all long to be able to get along in this world and these clips give us glimpses of what that might be like.

  6. Anonymous6/25/2010

    Does anyone know anything about the Resurrection Sunday Dance 2011 Movement in America?? I hear there are folks planning and promoting this dance to be done on 24 April 2011 throughout the nation. I would love to be a part of that, but I have having trouble finding info about it. Help me if you can.

  7. I spent some time this morning looking myself and couldn't find any information on it. But that would be great, wouldn't it? To be able to participate in such a joyous event? I'd love to know more about it so if anyone finds info on this PLEASE come back and tell us! :-)

    The http://www.uptofaith.com/ site is not up yet, but you can sign up to receive their newsletter which will let you know when the site goes up.

    One of the comments on the YouTube page for this wonderful video clip is asking how do we go about having this take place Easter Sunday 2011 at the Washington Mall, DC. Wouldn't that be something?!?!?!? It would be glorious! :-)

  8. The uptofaith.com website is up and running. You can register at the site if you're interested in seeing the Resurrection Sunday Dance come to your city. I've posted an update at the end of the blog. Check it out! :-)

  9. i love this video its just great and i told myself that i am going to do it so i am going to gather up some of my church friends and all the kids in my church and we are going to do it:)so if you want to watch it, it will be put on youtube! i will post a comment on here when it is done!!!hope you like it!:)

  10. PLEASE DO!!!! Do post a link to your YouTube video when you do it! Aren't the training videos they've posted on their website just great? The steps aren't as easy as they make it sound but I'm guessing if we watch them often enough we would get them down. :-)

  11. Anonymous9/22/2010

    This is such an extraordinary dance of the JOY of the RESURRECTION in a country that's been held bound for so long in its history, these are people who truly get how critical our FREEDOM in Christ is. It makes me think of the Scripture in Luke 7:40-47 - these brothers & sisters know they have been freed from so much, so they can love so much and rejoice so much.

    I couldn't get on the uptofaith.com site, I wanted to let them know how grateful I am to everyone who gave their time and skills to celebrate with this dance and share it around the world. What a gift, it lifts my heart every time I play it.

  12. Really this video is amazing,
    I liked it..
    Thanks for sharing..

    from makalidurga

  13. My wife and I were at this square in Budapest in May 2010, so this video is wonderful to watch. Praise God. There seem to be more good things coming out of Hungary. http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/the-resurrection-of-hungary

  14. Wow ! This is amazing ! Do you know Chandor and Judith ? I understand there is a church there over which they preside. At any rate, this is an awesome sight ! All those people worshipping in dance ! Wow !