waving American flagwaving Cuban flagGracias for visiting. As we say in Spanish, "mi casa es tu casa." I'm an educator, public speaker, trainer, author, ghostwriter, translator, SCBWI member, PenWoman, wife and mother. I'm originally from Cuba and thankful to have found a home in the USA after we were forced to leave our homeland. I looovvveee reading and writing. Topics I enjoy talking about: reading, writing, education, kids, family and, of course, Cuba... "The Island Of MyHeart." That's the title of the middle grade novel I'm working on. I've set up an IOMH group at myspace and would love to have you visit with me there as well.
peacock writing at a computerChildrenComeFirst is the educational nonprofit I manage. I'd love for you to subscribe to our free electronic bulletin and participate in our online writing contests! You can catch up with me via my blog, facebook and also myspace. I blog and post as I'm able and would love to hear from visitors to any of the social networking sites I keep a profile on. I've also set up profile pages at AuthorsDen.com, AmazonCONNECT, JacketFlap, and Book Organizations of Colorado.
  •  Genres: Biography, Ethnic, Historical Fiction, Inspirational, Middle Grade/YA Fiction.
  • Areas of Expertise: Author, Editor, Game Designer, Instructional Designer, Spanish, Cuba, Hispanic, Translator, Ghostwriter, Webmaster, Public Speaker. 
  • Bio: Originally from Cuba, Olgy's school talks are about growing up in Cuba under Castro’s regime. She's also a game designer, editor, ghostwriter, webmaster and speaker. Her cross-cultural simulations, The Luna Game and The Kampei Game, have been used worldwide. Olgy holds an M.A. in Education. She has now relocated from Colorado to Virginia.
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  • Articles: "The Art, Business and Science of Editing Children's Books," and the same article in Spanish, "Arte, Negocio y Ciencia: Editar Libros para Niños" were published by InterLit. Also published by InterLit is "ATMs for Books," talking about how The Espresso Printing Machine gives instant access to trade paper books. 
  • Contest judge for the Paul Gillette Writing Contest
  • Currently working on a middle grade novel, "Island of my heart," which won 2nd place in the YA category of the Paul Gillette Writing Contest in 2005. 
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The Kampei Game:

Experience the joy of communicating cross-culturally! It's one thing to want to do it, quite another to actually do it...and do it successfully! You can study how to communicate with other cultures. You can read or hear about it and others may even try to help you do it right. But it’s not the same unless you experience it yourself. The Kampei Game was written and designed by the author of The Luna Game so it has many of the components The Luna Game has. In The Kampei Game participants learn how to reach out to immigrants, ethnic peoples, who've come to the USA and may live in their city but are going unnoticed. It's a tremendous simulation game to encourage and empower participants of all ages to roll up their sleeves and reach out and befriend the world that has now come to us.