The Weight of Being Fat

Talking with a young woman today through Yahoo's Instant Messaging I was once more reminded of the sadness that can envelop a person just for being overweight. While chatting I googled "weight does not define me" and the title of the second listing that came up jumped at me, The Weight of Being Fat. I clicked on the URL, read Ashley Michael's article, and sent the URL to the young woman through the chat window, encouraging her to read it and write her own essay. Does this story sound familiar to you? What has helped you with your self-esteem as it relates to weight when all other things have failed? If we know that fat does not define a person, why do we allow it to happen? How can we stop looking at ourselves through man-made mirrors and start seeing ourselves as the priceless, unique, beautiful, one-of-a-kind, individuals that we are? Each one of us has a unique gift inside, a gift that was meant to be given to the world at large. No one else can gift the world this way for no one has that unique gift. How can we release ourselves to be true to ourselves and not allow the world's perception of what is beautiful to rule us any longer? Tell me how you did it...or are doing it. Let's talk.

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