Visiting the UK this Christmas

My daughter and I both love myths and legends. We'll be in the UK end of December/beg of January (her Christmas break from university studies). I'd love to be able to visit the most magical places England/Scotland have to offer but with all my work, writing, etc it's hard for me to plan my itinerary (Dec 27th thru Jan 8th). I was wondering if anyone reading this blog, who's visited the UK, would send me suggested itineraries I could follow. I've ordered books and videos from my public library and they've begun to arrive but if I can see someone else's itinerary and what they liked and didn't like that would help me lots. We both love the Arthurian stories. Would love to experience Stonehenge. Maybe go to Scotland and visit sites related to William Wallace, to Nessie the Loch Ness monster. Make this a time for memory building, fun explorarion of a land rich in history and lore. Thanks, in advance, for any/all information you can send my way.


  1. What a wonderful trip! Sounds like a marvelous time with your daughter, and a great place for inspiration. I have an online friend from England, I'll ask her for some ideas for you!

  2. Thanks soooooooo much, Lauri!!! Any and all help I can get will make our trip that much more memorable. Thanks for any advice you send our way! :-)

  3. oh great. let me email you directly!!