Olgy's online CUBA eStore!

My two passions in life are all things related to Cuba and all things related to writing. So tonight I worked for a couple of hours and generated a fully stocked online store with all things Cuban.

I'm featuring special products related to Cuba on my Cuban eStore. Top among these is Andy Garcia's film, now available on DVD, "The Lost City." The soundtrack for the film is also available. I LOVED this movie. Andy Garcia's "The Lost City" is the movie to watch if you want to feel what the two million Cuban exiles feel...me being one of them.

Though I used the keyword "Cuba" to filter items in, sometimes that word is used for other than items related to Cuba so you may see articles come up that have nothing to do with Cuba. :-)

Enjoy shopping at my online Cuban store! For every purchase you make, amazon.com gives a referral fee to ChildrenComeFirst.com, the nonprofit educational corporation I manage.

Here's the link for my online Cuban store.

Bueno, esto es todo por ahora, (All for now,)


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  1. Hi, Olgy! Hope Jay and you are both well!

    You are now the 2nd person that has recommended the Andy Garcia film in the past week, so I will have to rent it! I will also have to check out your e-store!

    My mom is now staying with us. I went to Florida and picked her up at the beginning of November. Doris has learned to make a mean flan!

    I'm looking forward to your being in Virginia Beach!