Women, Mothers, Families and Health Care Reform

I happened upon this video clip where First Lady Michelle Obama talks about health care reform from the point of view of women, mothers, and families. I connected with her words because that's the way I've been filtering the news on the subject. Every time I listen to a news report on the status of health care reform I always think of my children, my husband, myself, my sisters, i.e., my family.

The news is often about what Democrats or Republicans are or are not doing about reform, so I've kept from writing my thoughts on the subject. But Michelle's words touched me. She states that, "I want to focus my attention on where policy and people intersect." I connected with her words. That's where my heart is.

The video also has cancer survivor Roxi Griffin talking about her personal journey, from dealing with copays of $27,000 to now facing copays of over $100,000. In her case, the high copay keeps her from getting screenings. I think it would keep me from getting them as well. Griffin tells us that, "people need to realize this is not a political issue. To me it is a moral issue. And people need to stop and think about the ramifications it has on families when they are not able to take care of their medical needs." I agree.

Watching the video I was shocked to hear Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, say that, "insurance companies are allowed by law to charge women more than men. Sometimes significantly more." Sebelius goes on to say that, "too often insurance benefits don't cover the benefits that women need...at every point along the way, women are being discriminated upon by insurance companies."

What are your thoughts? How do you feel about what is going on? Do you agree with Griffin that this is a moral and not just a political issue? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. It shocks me that so many people are against the proposed health care changes. As someone who lives on the outside but has always had the majority of my health care covered by the government I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want it. It is going to help so many people who otherwise aren't getting any kind of care.

  2. I'm so glad you shared your thoughts on this, Moe! And I agree with your comments. I do think it's going to help millions of people when it passes and hope it does before year's end.