I can't afford my gasoline

I received a link to the I can't afford my gasoline MP3 animation by TOCCI. I shook my head in dismay as I watched the animation play and replay over and over. Dismay because I could personally vouch for what TOCCI was so amusingly depicting as going on at the gas pumps. Whether I ignore or embrace the political barbs TOCCI includes in his animation, the truth is that my husband had just come from filling up our 1991 Dodge Caravan and the price of the fill-up was $50...that's $50 ... FIFTY DOLLARS!!!

To add insult to injury the old car's transmission died the next day. The mechanic tells us it'll be around $2,500 to replace it. He tells me it's because you can't find rebuilt transmissions for Dodge Caravans because they break all the time, so they're not available used/rebuilt. So my 1991 Caravan is sitting at the mechanic's lot for now, with fifty of my dollars stashed away in its gas tank.

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