7 Random Things

Lauri from Lauri's Reflections tagged me to name 7 Random Things about myself as a prompt for me to blog more often. LOL. In my defense...I've been blogging my heart out via comments posted online, not at blogger but rather in myspace where I've started a Cuban themed group, the Cuba: Island of my heart group.

Ok then, here they are: 7 random things about myself:
  1. I'm a bookaholic.
  2. I'm originally from Cuba and thankful to be living in the USA these days, the country that took me in when I had to flee my homeland.
  3. I'm horrible at returning library books back on time so I'm always writing checks, large and small, made out to the Pikes Peak Library District. I was once greeted by the librarian as I walked in with my bag of books with "Oh! Here comes our job security!" LOL.
  4. I'm a published author and full SCBWI member.
  5. I write because I can't draw. LOL. Stick-figures is the extent of my illustration ability but I love to take words and string them together and see a picture come alive before my eyes.
  6. I LOVE sci-fi/fantary. Love to read it. Don't feel confident enough to write it yet. Love how these authors "dream forward" and, by so doing, offer a priceless gift to the world.
  7. I once took a 2-week vacation through England and Scotland with only the clothes on my back. Talk about packing light! Rick Steves...eat your heart out! LOL.

So then...what are 7 random things about yourself? Write back and tell me about them. :-)

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