Name dropping

rollodex or phone file with cards I'm calling some very important people in the publishing business my friends these days. What? You don't believe me? How else would I know that Brian A. Klems, Online Managing Editor of Writer's Digest, is now the father of a precious baby girl? How would I know the moment a new title comes down the pike for Harper Perennial, including the title they sent as a review copy to CCF? How could I just ask Nathan Bransford, "a literary agent with the San Francisco office of Curtis Brown Ltd., a New York based agency that has been representing writers since 1914," to post an article to the CCF site under his name? Need I say more? These and several hundred other very important people have accepted my invitation to be listed as my friends under myspace profile.

Are you on myspace? If so, visit my profile page and send me a friend request. At the same time send me a message letting me know you read my blog so I know to accept your friend request. If you have not set up a profile page on myspace, why haven't you? Write me either way and let me hear your thoughts on myspace and other social networking sites.

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