Falalala Lifetime Speaks To Me

I've got work deadlines to meet and a house to pack for our move back east, so why am I spending time watching the Falalala Lifetime's holiday movies? Because they speak to my heart. They wake up all that is beautiful and empowering in me. They infuse me with the hope and vibrancy needed for me not just to survive whatever the day brings but to overcome it victoriously!
Falalala Lifetime announcement showing Carson Kressley and Melissa PetermanI love everything about Falalala Lifetime holiday movies lineup, including the commercials announcing them. Carson Kressley and Melissa Peterman are adorable as they invite viewers time and again to enjoy holiday movies every day and evening right up to Christmas day. However you celebrate the holiday season, adding a sprinkle of what Falalala Lifetime is offering would brighten it even more.


  1. Anonymous12/15/2007

    my wife watches the lifetime channel alot, but I rarely do.
    Your christmas shows though have
    been excellent - until "A Dad for
    christmas" I was disgusted by the
    idea that a deadbeat birth father
    with no job can be a decent father.
    It is a selfish notion and the birth mother's saying she wanted the best for the baby is truly an
    unselfish gift by doing adoption.

  2. I've not yet seen A Dad for Christmas. I went to Lifetime TV and read the blurb they have on what the movie is about and also what some viewers are saying about it. In the movie, does the deadbeat father turn his life around in order to provide for his son? That would perhaps redeem the storyline if that happened. Is there resolution for the baby? the father? the mother? I'm curious now...how does the movie end? Thanks, anonymous, for sharing your thoughts on this movie.