Zits, Zits, and more Zits

My love affair with Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman's creation in their ZITS cartoons is never ending. I am in awe of how these gifted artists/writers have captured so much of what I think is the essence of teenage boys. I talked about this in another blog I entered a few years back, ZITS: Understanding Teenage Boys. Then tonight, while reviewing comments to my blog I found one from caminohueco that mentioned that ZITS books were available! For someone who enjoys Zits as much as I do I don't know how the availability of the books went unnoticed. The only thing I can think of is that I've been enjoying them daily for the past several years via my subscription to DAILY INK. I'm happy to report that the annual subscription price to DAILY INK is still $15/year...just as it was back in 2005.

At any rate, for those of you who enjoy reading ZITS as much as I do, I've gone ahead and put links throughout this blog and below that will take you to the copies available through amazon.com. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous12/27/2008

    Hi! I am a mother of a 16 year old boy, and our realtionship is illustrated perfectly through the Zits cartoon. Sometimes just reading it and knowing that someone like me is going through this helps me get by. I was wondering if you knew of any support groups of Zits, or a place where people can discuss their love for Zits and their problems with their children.

  2. I totally agree with you. Reading Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman's ZITS cartoons daily in our local newspaper also helped me a lot when my son was growing up. :-)

    Your question as to whether there are support groups for readers of ZITS, actually moms of boys, is a good one. I googled "support group for zits" and the only thing that came up were sites related to acne! LOL

    Googling "Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman support group" also didn't work. I then googled "support group for mothers of sons" and a link to an eBook that's available free of charge online came up. The book is titled, "The trouble with boys," and the byline says it's, "A provocative look at the trials and tribulations of raising gentle boys in a macho world" -- Looks like a good title. If you or others reading this blog check it out I'd love to hear back on what you think of it.

    One author that helped me a lot in understanding boys as I raised my son was Michael Gurian. His book, The Wonder of Boys is an excellent resource.

    I'd love to hear back from you or other blog readers on what you've found helpful in raising your sons.