Mujer, by Orishas

I very much enjoy listening to the music of ORISHAS. This song, MUJER, has a nice beat and great lyrics. The words talk about what many women have gone through and put up with over the ages, from domestic violence to being ignored and not respected. The idea that women are considered still today in parts of the world second class citizens is talked about. It touches me to hear men sing this tribute to women. I've translated some of the words below.

"Mujer te canto este himno, traigo la pura verdad, incierto y crudo destino, mi canto contigo esta" [Woman I'm singing this hymn to you, bringing you the truth, uncertain and crude destiny, my song is with you.]

The song goes on with words such as, "in the shadows lives this precious being not able to let her voice be heard, trying to resist and work through the centuries without giving up... giving love... it's time for the men of the universe to write about this issue, this situation... this has been the past history but victory hasn't been gained, we need to continue on with strength and all together fight for what we love, giving women progress, even though I know that to attain this there's a long ways to go..."

Good beat and good words to remind us of the value of womanhood.

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