Not all pedometers are created equal: Omron HJ-720ITC:

HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Advanced Omron Health Management SoftwareI'm on a dedicated path to getting in shape, motivated by the fact that a friend of mine has lost 30 pounds in five months. I asked him what he'd done to get in shape and he told me one of the things was he purchased a pedometer that connects via a USB cable to his computer to he can track how much he walks every day.

I've lost count of how many different pedometers I've bought over the years and none of them worked. I had to attach them to my waistband and they'd pop off and never kept accurate steps. They were all different prices and manufacturers but NONE ever worked. Adding insult to injury, all of them demotivated me because I would go to the high school track and walk around it four times, knowing each time was 1/4 of a mile and the various pedometers never gave me a mile as the figure.

At any rate, the pedometer my friend bought is the Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Advanced Omron Health Management Software. It retails for $50 but amazon.com has it for under $30 with free shipping. I ordered one and have been using it since the day it arrived. What I LOVE about it is that you can put it in your pocket or even a purse you carry with you and it works!!! So no more having to clip it to my waistband.

This is one smart little gadget! It tracks and differentiates regular walking and aerobic walking. It considers regular walking when you walk around at your house, work, errands, etc. When you walk for over 10 minutes straight, it tracks those 10 minutes plus however long your walk takes as aerobic walking. You set your own personal goals on your computer, using the software that comes with it, for both the steps you take during the day and aerobic steps you're aiming for. I've set my goals low so I'm getting smiley faces daily as I meet and exceed my goals. As I get better I'll raise my goals. But for now I need all the encouragement I can get and those smiley faces are doing the trick for me. [ Note: ALWAYS use the safety leash that comes with your Omron HJ-720ITC. I've added it as an item ibelow just in case you misplace yours. :-) ]

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