"Pa'lante" (Move on) by Willy Chirino

There's an inherent power in music to lift our soul out of the mire of daily living and unto a place where we can begin to see things more clear. That power is intensified when the lyrics, the words carried along by the rhythm, are words of life, of hope, of encouragement. This is what I found in Willy Chirino's new single, "Pa'lante." The beat carries you along and then the words empower you to believe once more in yourself, in spite of whatever negativity the world or your inner critic is verbalizing.

"Pa'lante" literally means "para adelante" in Spanish. It is often shortened in the same way that "don't" often replaces "do not" in English. Translated, pa'lante means to move on, to go forward, to keep going. Implied in that statement is the idea that we don't look back but rather we forge ahead. The failures, defeats, stumbles may influence but should not predict our future. Only we ourselves can do that if we choose to dwell in the darkness of unfulfilled dreams rather than embrace each new day, each present moment, and receive from it the gift that moment offers us to invite a world of possible futures into our daily living moment by moment.

Enjoy listening to the following YouTube video and feel free to purchase an immediate download of Pa'lante or even buy the CD. I've listed links to amazon.com following the video where Willy's music is available at a good price. Click here to see the lyrics of "Pa'lante" in Spanish and follow along as you listen to Willy sing. For those of you who don't understand Spanish, I've gone ahead and included the English translation to the lyrics.

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