Merry Christmas to all...and to all a good night

On myspace page tonight I received a comment in the form of a youtube video. The video is of the recording of El Inmortal (The Immortal) by Manny Montes. It's a rap in honor of the one whose birthday we celebrate today. Regardless of whether December 25th is Jesus' actual birthday or not, it's the date that's been set aside to celebrate it. Here are the lyrics to the song, in Spanish, and the English translation

Most of us are familiar with the Christmas story, regardless of whether we follow the Christian religion or not. Manny starts out with the storyline most of us are familiar with, "He didn't have to do it, nevertheless he did it. They spit on him, hit him, threw him on the floor. They punched him, mistreated him and whipped him." We've seen this story depicted in movies and read it ourselves or have had the story read to us over the years.

The second verse in the song makes it personal when Manny raps, "And there I was with the whip in my hand. And there I was piercing his side. And there I was nailing his hands. Because it was you and I who crucified him." During the choir Manny tells us why Christ is called The Immortal. And then the song goes on to say who it is he died for...from Mother Theresa to Saddam Hussein, from missionaries to terrorists.

A powerful take on the Christmas story, as told by a young Puerto Rican rapper. What do you think?

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