THE WOMEN: A how to manual for men

I went to see The Women with four of my girlfriends thinking it'd be a total chic-flick. It was. It's also a great guy-flick, one that will give guys great insights on what women are all about. This movie is AWESOME!!! We laughed throughout the entire movie. It was soooooooo funny!!! They nailed it when it comes to portraying how women often feel about different topics. Eva Mendez says it best in the YouTube video we've posted below. The soundtrack in the video is a bit choppy towards the end but you can still hear what she's saying.

In The Women, Eva Mendez plays Joan Crawford's character from the 1939 version of this movie. My favorite scene was the one in the dressing room. Eva plays "the other woman" brilliantly and wives ought to pay attention to what she's saying.

Diane English is the writer director of The Women. Mendez tells us in the YouTube video that English, "wrote and directed this film and what she wanted to do was have a departure from the original in the sense that it's a different time. Women felt more competitive towards one another back in the day. Now we have so much more opportunities and we're not all fighting for the rich guy because we can kind of do it on our own and there's more of a sisterhood out there. So she really brought it to 2008 and wanted to represent the modern woman."

In the video clip Mendez is asked, "Now for us men, are we going to get some insight to women if we go see this movie?" And Mendez is right on target when she replies, "You will totally figure everything out. You will learn how to deal with us better. You will figure out our psyche. Seeing this movie will change your life and how you deal with women."

I only wish I had the movie script so I could memorize some of the lines in there. I thought it had right-on advice for married women in particular. As women we tend to be all things to all people, to our kids, to our work, to our home, and... oh yeah... to our hubbies, the latter often as an afterthought. One good reminder in the movie was that if we as wives don't take care of our hubbies...someone else will. I think that's true. The movie brought it across in a hilarious manner and in the midst of all the laughing the messages it delivers strikes home.

I highly recommend this movie. I've already ordered my copy from amazon.com. I'd love to hear from those who've seen the movie. What did you think? How did you like it? Did you also see the 1939 version? Do tell! :-)

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