Island of my heart, by Olgy Gary

April 29, 2010 is my self-imposed deadline to finish the middle grade novel I'm writing. I keep a copy of the manuscript in my Kindle and love to browse through the various chapters before I go to bed at night. The memories are crisp, clear, and the years separating me from when the events in the story took place vanish as I relive them in the stillness of the night.

Now that I'm settled into our new home in Virginia it's time for me to finish the manuscript and submit it to the editors and agents who have asked for it after hearing my pitch. The plan is to finish writing it by April 29th and then have the months of May and June as a time where the manuscript is read by pre-selected readers, including members of my critique group. During these two months I would work on rewrites and edits prior to submitting the manuscript to various agents and editors come July 1, 2010. At present my critical path is BIC HOK TAM (butt-in-chair; hands-on-keyboard; typing-away-madly)! It's the motto of the Book-in-a-week group I belong to and it really is the best way to get writing done.

Island of my heart / Isla de mi corazón is the working title of my forthcoming middle grade novel. It's also the sentiment many Cubans have about their homeland. Andy Garcia encapsulated this feeling in his movie, "The Lost City." [Final scene of the movie shown below.]

My writing in Island of my heart has garnered praise from award-winning authors who've read it. The manuscript also won 2nd place in the YA category of the Paul Gillette Writing Contest in 2005.

I'll keep you posted on my progress as the days go by and give all my blog visitors permission to hound me so that I keep to my deadline and finish writing the manuscript by April 29th. I've set up an Island of my heart group at myspace and would love to have you visit with me there as well.


  1. Awesome Olgy. Keep up the good work. Glad you are settled in. Moving to a new state is no fun.

  2. Thanks, Heather! You're right about moving... that was a big job. The biggest part of it was getting our CO home ready to sell. Amazing the amount of stuff we accumulated during the years we lived there. :-)

  3. Just checking in to make sure you are still writing...can't wait to read your story...YOUR story. Let your voice be heard!

  4. Hi Lara! It was sooooooooooooooo nice meeting you at this year's KidLitCon! You're a treasure. :-)

  5. Good luck with your writing. I hope you make your deadline!

  6. Gracias, Carmela! I'm blocking time to write on this particular book between all my other jobs. When I sit down to it, this story is writing itself.