Kindle for PC: Another reason to adore your Kindle

Just when I thought the Kindle world couldn't get any better, it did! Amazon.com now offers Kindle for PC, with the Mac version on its way. This means that every single book or document I've ever downloaded to my Kindle I can now download and read on my PC, my laptop, or my notebook.

Honestly, it's just awesome to be able to do this. If I don't have my Kindle with me I still can keep reading where I left off by going to my Notebook and launching the Kindle for PC application from there. All my documents and books are available, even the archived ones. And my notes and bookmarks that I made while reading my various books or documents in my Kindle also show up. Is this ever cool or what?!?

If you already own a Kindle, you can start using the Kindle for PC application right away. If you've yet to purchase one, you may want to consider going global! Yes, the latest generation of the Kindle Wireless Reading Device is not only wireless, like the other versions are, but it's Global Wireless!

Up to now you had to be within the USA in order to be able to download books or documents to your Kindle. Not anymore. With the Global Wireless version of the Kindle it works anywhere else in the world you find yourself in. Probably tourist or business travelers will find the global wireless useful. We've found yet another group of folks who will be able to use the global version of the Kindle: our deployed military men and women. This is just what our friend has done. Her son has been called back into active duty and he's taking with him the global wireless Kindle.

It's also nice that the newest version of the Kindle is smaller, it's 8"x5.3"x0.36", so it's smaller than the Kindle-2, which was smaller than the Kindle-1. I could go on about how much I love my Kindle-2 but I'd rather hear from you! Write back and let me know how you like yours. Or let me know if you have any questions about these units.

If you end up purchasing a Kindle or any of its accessories from the links on my blog a portion of the purchase price will come back to CCF, the educational nonprofit I manage. Just know that I wouldn't be singing the Kindle's praises if I did not totally believe in them. At our home we have already purchased two of these units and a third one is on its way.


  1. Hi, Olgy! Sounds like the Kindle is quite the item at your house. I have to be honest, I haven't tried it and am not sure how I would feel. There is something about touching the book and pages. However, I can definitely see a place for it. Especially for those who travel and love to read. Having everything on your Kindle would make the suitcase a TON lighter. Look forward to hearing more from you and your blog!

  2. I haven't tried one either, but my crit group partner got one for Christmas. I can't wait for our next meeting to play with hers. I love the feel of pages, but I'm enough of a techie to think I would enjoy the convenience, especially the new features you're describing.

  3. Lara & Doraine, you would LOVE owning a Kindle!!! I'm saying this because I feel the same way you both feel about holding a book in your hands. I love the feel of books, the pages, the covers, everything about them inspires me. At first I got a Kindle to save money on my book buying. It's done that for sure. It's also fed my instant gratification bent. I can get a book downloaded instantly to my unit and start reading it right away. :-)

    Besides the convenience, the techie in me loves the fact that now I can read all of my Kindle books both in my kindle and now on my desktop, on my notebook, and family members can also read these books, even though they do not own a kindle, by installing the Kindle for PC software in their own computers and laptops.

    Another great thing about owning a Kindle is that of the over 100 books I now have in my account, probably 75 to 80% of them were free downloads. And these aren't just junk titles. They're award winners such as RED MARS by Kim Stanley Robinson. Now, if you go check out the price of RED MARS today at amazon.com you'll see that the Kindle price is $6.39. But I downloaded it for free because publishers offer selected titles free every week. So all you have to do is visit the Kindle Store regularly and see which freebies are being given away. :-)

    At any rate, if either one of you, or anyone else reading this blog, gets a Kindle, come back and tell me how you like it.