Meet New Year's Goals with HabitForge's Help

In the past few years I've almost stopped making New Year goals and resolutions. Not because I don't have things I'd like to accomplish, but rather because I rely on my never-ending "to do" list to keep me focused. This strategy has served me well, up to a point. The thing with "to do" lists is that they often are made up of things that scream so loud for my attention that whether they're on the list or not they will get done. But what about my silent goals? What about the desires I keep in a hidden corner of my heart?

If you're like me, those longings of our hearts tend to take a back seat to the screaming demands of daily life. Thankfully, they do not go away. More often than not, their embers remain in place, softly calling us to blow upon them with our time and promising a glorious flame of victory once we do so.

Whatever your New Year's goals may be, habitforge.com may hold the key to your success. Their website tells us that, "Every 6 minutes someone joins habitforge." This is followed by a long list of testimonials from folks who've signed up for free and are being helped by the site's technology to accomplish their goals.

Is 2010 the year you'll start writing your novel? Or finish writing your work in progress? How about your reading? Would you like to read more this year? And when it comes to your physical well-being, do you want to exercise more? Walk more? Rest more? Eat healthier? I've signed up at habitforge.com and hope this will help me accomplish one of my heart's desires. How about you? If you do sign up, come back and tell me whether you found the site helpful or not.

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